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Planned Moodle Maintenance

by Nadia Jordaan -

Please note that Moodle will be offline for planned maintenance from Saturday, 6 June at 5am to Sunday, 7 June at midnight.

CEO Letter to Students

by Amina Israel -

CEO Letter to students


Dear Students

Although we are going through a challenging and worrying period, we need to keep positive, focused and keep moving forward in the understanding that we will get through this and life will normalize once more.

As counterproductive as it may be in certain respects, the lockdown does provide us with the opportunity to concentrate on the things that we can get done. Your studies are an example of this.

As you are all aware, all course material, lessons and assessments are hosted on the HFPA OLP (online learning platform). Study aids include videos and images, study guides, quizzes, forums and presentations.

Full-time and Part-time students will continue to receive regular and structured support from their assigned class tutors. We will continue to guide, assist and communicate with students throughout this period. We have videoed lectures and presentations. These will be available on the learning platform. Your tutors will inform you as these become available.

Online and Distance learning students will continue as usual on the Online Platform. Your assigned Online Tutor will continue to provide support as normal.

Distance learning Workshop cycles will resume as soon as we are able.

Our full complement of Staff, Course Presenters and Online Tutors will provide your ongoing support during this period. We are ALL set up to work remotely and we will continue our service to you.

Students are able to continue to interact with their tutors via phone, email, WhatsApp groups and on the online platform.


Our national phone number: 0861 777 010 is attended to and available during office hours.

Your query will be passed on to the relevant department and that department will return your call.


We wish you and your families all the Very Best over this period.

We are here to help! Don’t feel left alone!

Paul Mills